About Us

The IU was established in 1926. Now a global Non-Governmental Organisation it operates independently free of any government funding. This allows us to remain totally impartial and objective. The IU seeks to engage in activities which strategically support our objectives.

The International Union maintains that, to end the great inequities in the world and the trouble they cause, people need Economic Equal Rights of access to the values of Nature and Society.

This philosophy is based on the conviction that human beings are born with equal rights to life and freedom, including equal rights to the gifts of Nature.

Natural resources are the Common Heritage of all human beings, and the values of these resources are Common Property belonging equally to all citizens.

Society provides benefits that are vital to people’s welfare. These advantages are those not created by any individual person or by a specific group of individuals. They are created by the synergy of all citizens’ working together, in partnership with government.


For almost a century The IU has campaigned for governments to address the root causes of poverty and war.

Implementing surface solutions cannot solve the root problems that challenge the  world. Our members campaign in their countries for changes in the laws and public policy that lock poverty and conflict into the market economy.

To achieve this we are co-ordinating a renewed global consensus to understand the true meaning of human rights.

The IU is leading an initiative to change the 1948 United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Executive Committee Officers and Members

IU President Dave Wetzel

Immediate Past President Fernando Scornik Gerstein

Deputy President Wendy Rockwell

Second Deputy President Bill Batt

IU View Editor/General Secretary Alanna Hartzok

Membership Secretary Ole Lefmann

Treasurer Yonatan Higgsmith

Vice Presidents

Argentina – H. R. Sandler

Australia – Jane McNab

Belgium – Niels Charlier

Canada – Frank Peddle

Denmark – J.R. Christensen

Germany – Dirk Löhr

Honduras – Quisia Gonzalez

Ireland – Emer O’Siochru

Mexico – Yonatan Higgsmith

New Zealand – Robert Keall

Nicaragua – Paul Martin

Nigeria – Gordon Abiama

South Africa – K. McShannon

Spain – Fernando Scornik Gerstein

Russia Federation – T. Roskoshnaya

UK – David Triggs

USA – Ed Dodson

Additional ExCom Members

UK – Tommas Graves and Carol Wilcox

USA – Nic Tideman