Welfare for the Rich – who really receives the biggest subsidies in the UK?

Welfare for the Rich - who really receives the biggest subsidies in the UK? We all know that Britain's richest 1% have accumulated as much wealth as the poorest 55% of the population but what is not Read more

Land use system of Ethiopia: a model to the world.

"There is a hope of restoring the value of land to the nation of Ethiopia." Kidane G. Hiwot A brief history of, and commentary relating to the land use trend in Ethiopia. Haile Selassie Regime 1930-1974 During Read more

TheIU Conference 2013 Report

Report on the 2013 Conference of the International Union for Land Value Taxation held at the School of Economic Science London, UK July 24th -28th by Bill Batt, Albany, New York Thirty-six presenters Read more

The Treason Trilogy – Part 1

What really lay behind the financial crisis of 2008? How can governments prevent a repeat of the economic disaster? The difficult questions are asked in Part 1 of The Treason Trilogy. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/flvs/Treason1.flv Read more

The Treason Trilogy – Part 2

The War on Terror will not succeed if western governments continue to advocate tax policies that create poverty. In Part 2 of The Treason Trilogy, proposals for reform are explained. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/flvs/Treason2.flv Read more

The Treason Trilogy – Part 3

Governments provide the financial incentives that are causing the environmental crisis. They are accused in Part 3 of The Treason Trilogy of being engaged in "environmental terrorism". People should pay Read more

IMF speaks out on taxing economic rent

IMF's Michael Kumhof suggests taxing taxing economic/land rent. "You could have more progressive income tax... you could tax rents. These are incomes that are earned by people who are basically not Read more

2012 Global Conference Review

Report of TheIU Global Conference 2012, Argentina, by Bill Batt But for the awesome skill and untiring work of two simultaneous translators, the just-past 28th conference of the International Union Read more

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