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Land use system of Ethiopia: a model to the world.

“There is a hope of restoring the value of land to the nation of Ethiopia.” Kidane G. Hiwot A brief history of, and commentary relating to the land use trend in Ethiopia. Haile Selassie Regime 1930-1974 During Hailesilssie1930-1974, land was owed by the minority elite feudal lords and urban landowners making the majority of the population their tenants. The rights […]

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TheIU Conference 2013 Report

Report on the 2013 Conference of the International Union for Land Value Taxation held at the School of Economic Science London, UK July 24th -28th by Bill Batt, Albany, New York Thirty-six presenters from five continents spoke at the 28th conference of the International Union for Land Value Taxation  ( Titled Economics for Conscious Evolution with subtitle A Geo-Justice Conference, […]

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