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New Rural Towns

شركات تداول الاسهم المصرية The Fourth Habitation Revolution comprises SMART ecovillages to compliment and implement Fourth Industrial Revolution Techonologies using Sustainable Managment of Affordable Renewable Technology. Download the Fourth Habitation Revolution PDFجميع-الاسهم-في-السوق-السعودي Read more

To Heads of State: Financing Climate Initiatives & Development Post-2015

ثنائي خيارات التداول كندا The state of the earth now requires that the costs of industrial production and human commercial activity no longer be externalized onto the local to global commons. Read more

Value Capture: Infrastructure Financing, Kilimani, Nairobi

تحميل برنامج تحليل الاسهم Exploring innovative strategies for local infrastructure financing through value capture  Potential Application in a Re-zoned Neighbourhood: Kilimani, Nairobi Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is divided into 20 planning zones. The history behind the development of these zones reveals segregative policies applied during the colonial period which separated land uses on the basis of race. These policies which are now […]

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Stephen Zarlenga: From the archives – Speech, Economic Justice & Green Movement, 2002

تجربة خيار ثنائي A speech delivered by Stephen Zarlenga on 8/24/02 at the Economic Justice & Green Movement Conference; Council of Georgist Organizations, London, Ontario, Canada. Note: This short speech was excerpted from the research paper of the same title, written in 2001. To view the 80 page paper: Click Here To Link To The Full Text of HENRY GEORGE’S CONCEPT OF MONEY […] Read more

Gary Flomenhoft: New Symbiotic Strategy for the Georgist Movement

الخيارات الثنائية المغناطيس تحميل What would you say if I told you that 150 communities in a single European country had adopted value recapture of land appreciation in only the last eight years? Read more
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