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Video from the Water Forum

enter “Treating nature as a sacred gift requires our full capacity to imagine ways to heal the split between humans and the earth. A comprehensive plan to protect nature while securing the human right to water means changing the rules that govern the current ‘operating system’ for planet Earth.” Mason Gaffney, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, November 2016. Water Forum […] Read more

The IU View: Spring 2017 “When you were born in a world you don’t fit in, it’s because you were born to help create a new one.” In this world that seems more chaotic every day, our organization continues to hold a steady torch for the perennial wisdom teachings about justice in land tenure and tax policy. I think you will be encouraged after reading […] Read more

The IU View: Winter 2016

حساب تجريبي على خيار ثنائي “In our time…creep on the insidious forces that, producing inequality, destroy Liberty.” — Henry George, Progress and Poverty (1879) Greetings! This is the News Worth Reporting edition of the IU view. Herein you will find pertinent sections of seven mainstream media articles describing the many positive benefits of land value taxation. The “news is the news” for our favourite public finance policy […]

الخيارات الثنائية سعر البطاقة البيضاء Read more

Monopoly’s Inventor: The Progressive Who Didn’t Pass ‘Go’ Recently, fans of Monopoly took part in the game’s 80th “anniversary” celebration. The trouble is, the origin story of the game isn’t exactly true…

تنصحوني اشتري اسهم بنك وربه Read more

Labour Land Campaign – Tories promise ‘even more subsidies for the rich’

دعوة الخيار الثنائي ووضع The Tory’s proposal to cut inheritance tax on homes valued at £1 million means even more subsidies for the rich The Labour Land Campaign says the Conservative party’s latest policy announcement to remove inheritance tax on homes worth up to £1 million is outrageous. With Council Tax bills for mansions in Mayfair at no more than £2,124.66 per annum, home […] Read more
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