Membership to the International Union is available to anyone who wishes to promote and support our work and become part of our international network.

The IU objectives

We aim to stimulate in all countries a public opinion favourable to permanent peace and prosperity for all people, through the progressive removal of the basic causes of poverty and war.  Specifically, towards the realisation of these objects, the Union favours the raising of public revenues by public collection of the rental value of land apart from improvements and the abolition of taxes, tariffs, or imposts of every sort that interfere with the free production and exchange of wealth.

For new members

The fastest and easiest way to become a member is to apply online here

Alternatively you can download and print out a paper version here

For existing members

Please use the PayPal Subscribe link below to renew your membership at the following rates:

Personal (non-voting; email contact only): free (no PayPal required)
Personal (full voting): GB£30
Concession – low income (full voting): GB£10
Corporate (for organisations): GB£60

It’s easiest to pay online through PayPal – select the subscription rate and click on Subscribe.

Note: By subscribing, you are agreeing to renew your IU membership automatically each year.

We would prefer not to receive cheques, however you can send one to address below if this is your only option. Please clearly mark the reverse with “Subscription to IU” and don’t forget your name and address.

Ole Lefmann
TheIU Membership Secretary
41 Coleraine Road
London N8 0QJ
United Kingdom

Making a donation

The easiest way to donate to TheIU is to visit our online donations page

If you wish to formalise a substantial gift to theIU, perhaps by becoming a project patron or by leaving a legacy, please contact us and the President or General Secretary will be glad to help you.

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