Review: Owning The Earth – Andro Linklater

Owning the earth go here Owning The Earth (2013) by Andro Linklater – Review and Commentary

see Edward J. Dodson / December 2014

بيع الاسهم عن طريق الصراف

source The story of how our planet has come to be claimed by groups of individuals and how some of those individuals gained control over the land within claimed territory is detailed in this well-written but fundamentally flawed narrative. The author, Andro Linklater, challenges readers to think objectively about the way land is owned and do so without the passion associated with one’s position in society. By his retelling of history, existing socio-political arrangements and institutions in every society are exposed to the light of common sense and moral principle. And yet, upon completion of this book one is left with no clear strategy for changing the course of history.

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