890 students study Earth Rights course

Many of you know our colleague Alanna Hartzok well. You may not know enough about the accomplishments she and others associated with the Earth Rights Institute have realised with their online educational course, Land Rights and Land Value Capture.

As Alanna explains: “The course is not only a great educational venue, it is also a way of organizing action oriented Research for Policy Implementation Projects.”

“Upon completion of the course you are eligible to partner with us on policy research and implementation projects for your city/country.

Alanna says there are currently 890 people enrolled from more than 95 countries. Many of those enrolled are either professionals in an area of land management, are affiliated with NGOs, or are university students.

“Those with full course access, which is the majority, receive individual responses to their course assignments, recorded on the website. We keep in touch with the entire student body via occasional emails,” she says. The course is offered in English and Spanish.

The course includes:

  • Five modules: Land Rights and Poverty, Land Prices and the Law of Rent, Land Value Capture, Economics of War and Peace, and Policy Implementation.
  • An overall analysis and analyses for 12 countries.
  • A Land Value Capture Calculator which can illustrate the taxable capacity of land for a particular city or locality.
  • A discussion forum covering major categories including Thematic, Classes and Geographic.

So, for those of you who know you will benefit by an expanded understanding of land markets and land policies, Alanna invites you to enroll and become a
participant in the effort to create a worldwide network of knowledgeable and devoted supporters of just systems of land tenure and taxation.

The enrollment form can be found at: http://www.course.earthrights.net