2010 Global Conference

The IU conference addresses the economic issues that affect all our lives.

April 26th - 30th - Central London

11 Mandeville Place London W1U 3AJ

Themes of the week:

  • Monday 26th - Prospects for the 21st Century
  • Tuesday 27th - New Strategies for Fiscal Reform
  • Wednesday 28th - How Did We Get Here?
  • Thursday 29th - Land Taxation & the Islamic World
  • Friday 30th - Toward a New Society
  • Speakers include:

    Dave Wetzel - Labour Land Campaign

    David Triggs - Henry George Foundation

    Satish Kumar - The Resurgence Trust

    Ashley Seager - Economics Correspondent - The Guardian

    Edward Dodson - The School of Cooperative Individualism

    Molly Scott Cato - The Green Party

    Gavin Richard Putland - Land Values Research Group

    Ole Lefmann - The IU

    Tarek El Diwany - ZEST Advisory LLP

    Ian Mason - Earth Justice Legal Resource Centre

    Frank Peddle - Canadian Research Committee on Taxation

    Fred Harrison - Land Research Trust

    Amazor Manzoor - Economic Consultant

    Ronald Banks - Land Research Trust

    David Gee - European Environment Agency

    Dr. Duncan Pickard - Farmer

    Polly Higgins - International Environmental Lawyer

    Dr. John Loveless - Renewables & Environment Professional

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