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The people of Africa do not need aid. They can fund their infrastructure out of their own resources - the rents that are being sieved out of the continent. This self-funding mechanism is the solution that economists choose to ignore. If you want to prove them wrong on behalf of the dollar-a-day billion, the starting point is for you to join the education program that has started in the West, which will eventually oblige politicians to take action on behalf of the bottom billion.

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  1. David Chester says:

    I am very interested to read about the “mini-bank” schemes being introduced into Africa. By these charitable means a poverty struck family with ambition to do better can borrow up to about $100 in order to start a small-scale business. Many success stories have resulted with the money being frequently returned for re-use. After some experiment with the basic idea there are today several billion dollars being invested and used in this manner. If only LVT were as fast and as practical!

    My point is that this is a wonderful short-term solution, but as the people become more prosperous so will the productivity and value of the land rise and those poor peasants will eventually become land owners themselves and speculate in its value. Thus poverty will not go away and these past workers will treat others as badly as they were previously once treated.

    Unless the charitable organization of this kind (of small loans banking) cannot prevent the rent from land use to be fairly shared, all that is going to occur is the same in our corrupt Western society! They should work with the various governments with this aspect for legeslation of land ownership in mind. Progress and poverty are not solvable without control of land utility and its earnings. As Georgists it is our responsibility to make these facts known and understood by those whose largesse can be mis-used in a longer run, even as it is doing good for the present generation.

  2. admin says:

    David, I have sent this message to the IU exec and expect Alanna Hartzog to give you a response.

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