CEJ Meeting, 21st July, London

Dear IU-members - living or working in or around London, UK,

TheIU, by its observer, follows keenly the initiatives and efforts made by the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ)* that propagates the idea of public collection of Land-Value Taxation for the benefit of all citizens to practical politicians and to boards of political, philosophical and ideological organisations.

TheIU wishes to turn your attention to the next Public Meeting arranged by the Coalition to take place:

21st July 2010, at 6 p.m.

School of Economic Science, London

11 Mandeville Place (near Bond Street tube station)

Attenders will discuss:

Citizens Income

after presentations by:

David Triggs (for it), Carol Wilcox (against it), Tommas Graves (reservations)

No admission fee!

Ask for prepared papers to be e-mailed to your e-address free of charge in advance of the meeting: ole.lefmann1@virgin.net

* CEJ is joined by organisations from various faiths, from various political parties, and from other organisations all urging for Justice and Equality.

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