Oxfam America - Follow the Money animation

Oxfam America have just released a short animation which follows the journey of resource rents.

It was made to generate support for a piece of US legislation called the Energy Security Through Transparency Act, which would require oil, gas, and mining companies to publicly disclose payments made to governments. The bipartisan bill was introduced by Senators Richard Lugar, Benjamin Cardin and others in September 2009, and both the Senate and House will work to pass legislation in 2010.

With more than half of the world’s poorest people living in countries rich in natural resources, this legislation would provide citizens with vital information to hold their governments accountable.

Oxfam America’s site is here - http://www.oxfamamerica.org/campaigns/extractive-industries/animated-short

Well worth a look.


One Response to “Oxfam America - Follow the Money animation”
  1. David Chester says:

    As an active Georgist, who helps with editing, I think most of our activities are based on very limited kinds of thinking. The wider subject that we should be understanding is macroeconomics. This includes the big picture of our social structures and all about its complete activities, including numerically how it works. We should be studying and teaching much more and not only what it is but how it actually works. Yet we are concentrating on only a small part of it, to do with land ownership and land use (or non-use) and we miss out an awful lot of the more general implications.

    unfortunately many other institutions who do work with this greater subject are also politically constrained, so that they too do not really manage to properly explain how the whole system works. Not only do we join with these institutions with our limited vision in common with theirs, but we actually allow them to continue without criticsm in supporting their limited programs and agendii. I suppose this is because in practice we are no better than they are, although we certainly like to think so.

    What we ought to be doing is developing some general macroeconomic theory which is so correct and obvious that it is almost irrefutable. With our superior knowledge of more of the system, we should be able to do this easily. I can certainly supply many ideas. Then it should be possible for us to challange the institutions for higher learning with a scientific means for explaining how macroeconomics functions, which they cannot deny, and which will demonstrate (amongst a host of other problems and principles) theoretically why LVT is the best way for governments to run their tax collection. programmes.

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