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In 1948 the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written.  Section 3 of declares:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

The IU believes that for Human Rights to be fulfilled every person must have the right to land or access to the benefits flowing from the land.

This basic Human Right has been omitted from the UN declaration.

In view of this the IU - in 1949 - created its own Declaration of Human Rights based on Equal Freedom and Universal Human Rights. It was originally published at 7th International Conference in Swanwick, England as a pamphlet called Principles and Policy.

Today the IU lobbies the UN to change section three of the Declaration to:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty, land and security of person.

The International Union for Land Value Taxation declares:

The economic, political and consequently the intellectual and moral conditions of any people are ultimately determined by the system of land tenure under which they live.

Since everyone has an equal right to it follows necessarily that everyone has an equal right to the use of land. Without this birthright life cannot be sustained.

The privatisation of rent or value of land constitutes a violation of those equal rights, and its consequences are that holders of privilege exact a monopoly price for access to land, the community is deprived of its natural revenue, taxation is heaped upon trade and industry, production is harassed and growth arrested.  Inevitably industrial depressions and unemployment occur.

The more completely land is monopolised, the greater is the insecurity of employment and the nearer are wages driven down to mere subsistence level. This is true of all countries, no matter how they may differ in their forms of government, nature or development of their industries.

We advocate:

Every human being has an equal right to land and from the benefits flowing from the land.

That equal right to land be secured by requiring all landholders to pay an annual payment to society. This can be done by approximating the full rental value of the land held, whether it is in use or not and it must exclude the value of the improvements made to the land.

This means that taxes on earnings and consumption, taxes on improvements, customs tariffs, exchange controls and other burdens and barriers that restrict sustainable production and obstruct the free movement of men and goods would be reduced and be concurrently abolished.

And we maintain:

The public collection of the annual value of land and the abolition of taxes that are repressive on industry, employment and commerce would enable the producer to enjoy the full fruits of their labour. It would make the withholding land from use unprofitable and put an end to the monopoly of land.

This is the foundation to global Human Rights.

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